Why vote for me on October 16?

I have an understanding of how different levels of government work and how to work with them. I have an understanding of the governance structure of our municipality and where Council members fit. I am not promising to make drastic changes if elected, because I know that real change comes from collaborative effort and working together. 

I will advocate for a strong and inviting business environment which will enhance the well-being of our entire community through employment, services and manufacturing.

I will advocate for Lethbridge to continue to strive toward becoming an age-friendly community. According to the World Health Organization, an age-friendly environment encompasses all aspects of community: “… helps cities and communities become more supportive of older adults by addressing their needs across eight dimensions: the built environment, transport, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication, and community support and health services.” Age-friendly communities become more livable for all residents, which would make Lethbridge a community of choice.

As a member of Team Lethbridge, I will ensure that I consult community leaders and experts to obtain relevant and helpful information which allows me to bring a broad perspective to improve the lives of all of us living in Lethbridge.

I will give a voice to those organizations that support our marginalized populations and ensure the rest of Council understands the effect of our decisions on all people.

I will encourage Administration to celebrate the accomplishments of City employees and create a supportive and productive working environment that is second to none. I want City employees to feel valued and respected for their work rather than be constantly criticized. 

I will encourage The City of Lethbridge to develop a perpetual memorial to honor our coal mining and coal miner heritage. 

I would vote to continue funding Heart of the City and Main Street initiatives which are so important to maintain and improve the vitality of our Downtown.

****NOTE: This page is under construction and will be completed the week of September 18